Our Services


Zak's Plumbing Pty Ltd is both a specialist and generalist Plumbing Company. We deliver a full gambit of cost effective professional plumbing services for all different types of businesses and individuals.


As a leading provider of all plumbing services, Zak's Plumbing can help enhance your property development/management through their wide range of suppliers from small parts, to excavation companies, no job is too small or too big. We also have a variety of plumbing service packages that can help you save up to 30% on your total average budget especially on the larger scale projects.


Over the past 20years Zak's Plumbing have developed relationships with major Property Developers, Leading Property Managers, Strata Organisations, Top Real Estate Agents, Corporate Companies, and Respected Builders. As a leading provider, we operate with genuine care because we strive to maintain our outstanding reputation in the marketplace.

Customer Service Offering

We believe that through good business partnerships, everyone can focus on their core business. As we continue to build value in the Property Industry through our suppliers and partners, innovative plumbing ideas, low cost business models and high return on investments for new projects.


Care, expert knowledge and value are the hallmarks of our business. We work with clients long-term to ensure a successful return on each project by providing professional and innovative solutions.

What We Do

We provide all plumbing services and installations by liaising directly with builders and architects on planning submissions for new building developments. We offer all general and specialist plumbing both commercial and large residential dwellings. Zak's Plumbing also provides a superior warranty that will put your mind at ease.








Zak's plumbing builds trust and delivers quality work, which impresses our clients. We would highly recommend them to anyone.


Enrique, E.C Constructions


Because they are well equipped with heavy machinery i.e. excavators, they save us time and most importantly money!


Matthew, Gordon Constructions


Zak's plumbing do it right the first time. Their team of plumbers comply with the strict Hazardous/Risk Guidelines on every job.


Mim McDermott, LJ Hooker Northbridge